Toll Free Services in Patna, India

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Toll Free Services in Patna, India

SMS Media is the best Toll Free Number Service provider company in Patna, Bihar (India). Toll free numbers are numbers that begin with 1800 numbers. It allows callers to reach businesses or individuals without being charged for the call.


Increase your business enquiry, improve the quality of leads using Toll free numbers. They have proven successful for businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing.


Who can avail Toll Free Number Services?


  • Enterprises or organizations with large customer base or having call centers.
  • Retail products and services Industry.
  • Ideal for hotels and restaurants.
  • Companies providing after sales support




  • Custom Main Greeting
  • Multiple Extensions
  • Call Routing Extension
  • Call Screening and Announce
  • Voicemail Delivery
  • Listen to Voicemail on Wireless